Wednesday, June 11, 2008


These are my friends. The toothy guy on the left is Max, my old roommate. Center is Nicolle, who looks fresh and rested in this pic but, as we'll soon find out, is anything but. The questionable-looking guy on the right with the mustache that'll haunt your dreams is my old bandmate Rodgrigo Palma, musical genius and Bandito to the stars.

Nicolle decided to get a head start on her ZZZs, and passed out at the bar. Thankfully there was a camera on hand to document the glory of a grown-ass woman, completely cashed and slackjawed in public. This shot could be captioned: Orange you glad you picked this night, and these idiots, to fall asleep with your mouth hanging open?

I'd say in the Jokes-on-You department, this one's a toss up, because Rod comes out looking too disturbing for comfort. Dig the way his left eye looks demented and stalker-ish, and a little skewed to the side. I don't think I trust him any more after this pic.

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Marie Lasferatu said...

Wow, she should kick your asses!