Monday, June 2, 2008

I've Got to Stop Going to

This morning, if you wanted, you could read about the following stories on's homepage:

- The family returning home from a wedding whose limo was hit head-on by a drunk driver going 70 mph the wrong way on a freeway. The limo driver was completely destroyed. One of the little girls in the car was decapitated and her grandfather had his leg amputated from his injuries. The drunk driver got an 18-year sentence, which he's appealing.

- The trial of Californian Mansa Musa Muhummed who abused his three wives and 19 children with starvation, threats of death, beating them, forcing them to beat each other, forcing them to eat their own vomit and feces, and hanging them upside down in the basement by their feet.

- The Marine who was home from Iraq on leave in his hometown of Cincinnati, intentionally traveled with only a small amount of cash on him because of his high-crime neighborhood and was robbed at gunpoint at a bus stop. After realizing he only had 8 bucks on him, one of the guys holding him up put a gun to his neck and said since he was a Marine and wasn't carrying any money he didn't deserve to live; then shot him in the neck and killed him.

I feel sick.

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Tara said...

Me too.
I need to stop going to your blog.