Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Breaking Ice

Tonight I perform my first set of live music in like two years. Wish my ass luck.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Year In Pictures

Looking back through pictures is a great way to get a feel of how much can happen in a year.


By necessity, Kirsten had to do a lot of modeling this year to showcase her knits. I love this shot of her in my coat.

The next generation of Johnsons. The boys belong to my brother Matt and the blonde on the right is Chris's. From L-R, Titus, Claire, Cole, Sepporah.

I think Titus is fake.

My all-time favorite pic of Kirsten.

My seafaring friend, Charlie. My best man. The ocean spit him up at my doorstep just in time for New Year's and I was able to snap this shot of his winning smile.

Speaking of winning smiles. This is my all-time favorite picture of Kirsten.

One day, on the way home from school, Claire announced to her mom that she wanted to cut her hair short and donate it to a charity for children with cancer-related hair loss.

After the chop.

The dark, dark days of SARS Plus.

My electronic project, The Clapp, released its first remix publicly in February. Somebody scrawled this on the wall of the Lager House not long after. Haters.

Young Matt Nistor got hitched. A nistorical occasion.

Megan is fun to hang with.

and so is Christopher.

In March we moved Kirsten out of her Chicago apartment...

...and into the Manor. Hello kitties.

One of the first things Kirst did when she got here was buy a Mac. The obligatory Photo Booth shots followed.


This was taken on the first day of really warm weather. You can see the calmness in Kirst's expression. We took the long drive to Rochester to get our hair cut, then went shopping for a real bed. Up until then we had been sleeping on a futon mattress on the floor. Our new bed was probably the best investment either of us had ever made. SO COMFORTABLE.

When in Rochester we stopped by the school of rock, where our friends Peter and Carmen were teachers. I snapped this funny shot and later wrote a feature story on this school for Metro Times.

Hand-making ice cream.

Eye of the tigress. Kirst is a shuffleboard freak.

With Grace and Alec. Alec luuuuuvs games.

Megan's going away party. Don't ask her about Armenia.

Wedding road trip to South Carolina for Brooke and Jordan's wedding.

My all-time favorite picture of Kirsten.

Beard experiment begins.

Claire turns five.

Her expression here cracks me up. This is exactly how I look when sitting.
My home studio in the Ferndale house. In the spring I decided to make a new record and this is where the bulk of it was done - in the mildewy basement, an aesthetic and acoustic horrorshow. I never minded.

Kirsten's third nephew, Anthony was born shortly after she moved here so she was able to be present for his first day. There are no aunts more devoted.

Father's Day. What this picture shows is our everyday tickle routine. Claire: tickle me daddy! Me: No, way. I would never tickle my own child. [Tickle, tickle, tickle]


Chris met Jessica last Thanksgiving and married her this summer (he's never been a big deliberator). She is an amazing person and the family is so much better for the addition. I was handed a high-ended camera at the reception and told that my job was to photograph the thing. I subsequently borrowed that camera for a few months and so the photos from here on out are going to look a lot nicer.

After a long, hot day outside, getting Claire to smile for a family pic was harder than usual.

This is the best we could get.

Sheer freedom in a child's run.My youngest brother Matthew, holding Claire. Matt is a minister and he officiated the wedding.

Chris with his daughter Sepporah, Claire's BFF.

A rare shot of me without my shirt on. I had just finished landscaping a friend's house and returned home to find this pool in my driveway, full of water, and Kirsten and Claire out sunbathing. "Get in!" they shouted. I obliged.

Fourth of July fireworks.

I tracked drums and vocals for my record in one marathon, single-day session. For the drums we used an old industrial space that Zoos of Berlin had rented out for the month and converted into a makeshift studio. Kevin from Zoos was squatting in the place and was there when I showed up to track. He took most of these shots from the space.

This was Kevin's kitchen, I think.

The leftover sparklers from the Fourth were evening entertainment for weeks.

Displeased that we ran out of sparklers.

This is my all-time favorite Kirsten picture.

The fair.

Rodrigo. The man works by his own logic. I had been asking him to contribute a bass idea or two for my record. Asking him this for months. I moved ahead without his help and began mixing the record. Then he says, 'I'm coming to Detroit' and shows up at my door a few days later. In the end he played bass on nearly every track. I wasn't going to argue.

Charlie came too and added some hot keybass.

Kirsten turns 30. Party one: the family party. The theme was, the year Kirst was born. She went as her mother.

Party 2: the one I threw for her.

Trevor and I at Kirst's party. Trevor played guitar on several of the songs from, and did the artwork for, my record. He also encouraged me more than anybody else to make some more music again.

Kirsten being herself, playing with sparklers at her party. My all-time favorite picture of her.

Look at the lids on that girl.

Back to the old camera. :(
In August we moved into a new house. A nicer, bigger house. With a porch that we could eat dinner on. I've always wanted a porch.

Chasing a bunny, on tiptoe, during our evening walk. She failed to capture it.


Claire's first day of school.

One of her classic old-soul stares.

Fall in NYC.


Election day.

In Civilian Clothing sessions.

Thanksgiving in Champaign.

My moms.


Making Christmas.

Christmas partying.

Christmas morning.