Thursday, December 11, 2008

Every year to stave off the onset of Holiday depression, I psyche myself up by making some music and giving it to friends. No, I'm kidding. Kind of. I used to try to write at least one original each year, but the past few years I took a break. This year I've got a new one, and I roped Kirsten and Claire into singing on it. The results are... hot.

I also recorded a version of "What Child is This" for the Suburban Sprawl Holiday Music compilation (which is too insane to contemplate). "I'm Dreaming (Of a White Christmas)" is an arrangement I did about five years ago, but reworked this year. And "Cold Hands, Warm Heart" is the first Christmas song I ever wrote (about 9 years ago?), which I rerecorded last year.


Making Christmas (Feat. Kirsten, Claire and Lil' Wayne)

What Child

I'm Dreaming (Of a White Christmas)

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

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