Monday, April 26, 2010

Pipe Down

I should explain before you see this video that we have a family inside joke in which we constantly tell each other to pipe down. It's become a game to see how unexpected you can make a "pipe down" come for the recipient, or to use it in a creative way. For instance, Claire might say, "I would love a glass of chocolate milk right now," and I would reply, "Too bad you're getting a glass of pipe down instead."

Anyway, this is just Claire in one of her amped up moods, which she's pretty much in every time we sit down to dinner or to play a game. I don't know what to do with her. In case you can't understand it, her joke is that when her hair finally grows down to her feet, she's going to let her grandpa mow it with his lawnmower.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chicago Never Lets Me Down

Saturday, Kirsten and I drove to Chicago to stay with my old comrade in arms, Charlie, and his squeeze Leah. They have a new apartment together. It was very stylish.

The following morning we had an epic brunch at Treat with Charlie, Leah, Megan and Colleen. I ate what was essentially a salad on a piece of toast but it tasted like candy. Megan shocked everybody by whipping out two bottles of champagne from her purse. We made samosas. Everybody had fun.

Then for the main event. We headed to the Aragon ballroom to see Thom Yorke's new band, Atoms For Peace. I was surprised to find out on arrival that Flying Lotus was opening the show. Flying Lotus is an LA-based DJ who makes seasick beats. It's gross. It really inspires me to be more creative with my programming. His show was fun as well as apocalyptic. The venue itself was as pretty as a cathedral. The sound was disappointing (mostly drums, not enough vocals) but Atoms For Peace turned out to be even more about rhythm than melody and it was enough to feel the energy of what they were cooking up and watch them all dance their asses off like funk Muppets (as the shocking video below will attest).

Then, before heading back to reality (which is actually a pretty good reality), we had breakfast and did some rush shopping. Kirsten is always taking pictures of our food for her vegetarian blog ieatveg. If she's not careful she's going to make us rich with all this cooking stuff.

Thursday, April 8, 2010