Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back in the Saddle

We made a time machine yesterday. I first met Collin Dupuis in Owosso, MI, in 2001. He was assisting engineering my band's album, which was being recorded in a large industrial space that had been converted into a makeshift studio. Flash forward seven years and I'm tracking with Collin Dupuis, in a large industrial space that has been converted into a makeshift studio, this time in Detroit.

There are significant differences though. This is a solo flight, and so no collaboration or camaraderie. I miss my old gang, especially Charlie and Rodrigo - those were inspired partnerships. But doing it alone forces me to play up my limitations, particularly as a drummer, and I think I'm coming up with something more spontaneous and raw, and not overthought. We'll see.

Anyway, yesterday I tracked vocals and drums for 11 songs in under twelve hours, getting home around 4 in the morning. I'm tired as hell, my fingers are blistered and my back hurts. And I feel great.

Photos by Kevin Bayson