Sunday, November 30, 2008

Scrabble in Chicago with Charlie and Leah

This is Charlie. He is winning.

This is Leah. She's doing pretty well, too.

I just got this patch. It was custom-made by Lizmiera embroidery. Her designs are inspired by Mexican traditional art, and I like them. But Charlie and I made a late-night whiskey run and ended up in a liquor store run by Mexicans. I found out later from Leah, who works in a hospital in a gang-heavy Mexican neighborhood here, that this patch might contain gang signs. Oops.

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Anonymous said...

No chance in hell would it contain any "gang signs". That skull is a traditional dia de los muertos skull, no gang would ever use something of that imagery and if you look at the detail, the rest of the skull is filled with traditional tattoo imagery, which greasers, punks, and bikers have.....gang members would never a tattoo like that on themselves, so tell that girl she doesn't know what she's talking about