Monday, November 3, 2008

Bananas for Monkita

I feel that Kirst has turned a bit of a corner recently with her knitting designs. I was into the coffee cozies and scarflettes she was making last year, but I think I like the new designs she's been improvising lately even more. And it really has been improvisation, fueled by the pressure of deadline: she got a table at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair, which takes place in less than two weeks. Since she's spent most of the summer crafting a never-ending string of baby blankets (the most time-intensive thing she makes) for all her fertile friends, she didn't have much opportunity to stock up for the fair. So she's been knitting-manic lately and it seems that every time I glance over from our Project Runway marathon she's come up with a new shape, or a new pattern.

First there were the new scarflette color schemes:

Followed by this new kind of seam thing she started knitting into her long scarves:

And then there was the long cowl, which you can wrap up several times into different shapes:

And the shorter cowl, which is in the form of a tube which you just slide down over your head:

You can check out her shop, La Femme Monkita, here. And the Detroit Urban Craft Fair takes place at the Fillmore Detroit (old State Theater) on Saturday, Nov. 15.


Mommie Dearest said...

There is no doubt about it...Kirst is one of the most talented and hard-working individuals I know. I am proud of your accomplishments.
Love, MD

Erin said...

I want it all