Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monkey Necklace

There is no school today for Claire so she's home with me. I'm in the middle of finishing a piece for a new publication I'm writing for and it has been a challenge with her figuratively, and sometimes very literally, hanging around my neck.

But the day has had its moments. It was especially nice to take her with me to vote, answering her questions beforehand over coffee and chocolate milk ("Do people in China vote today?"), telling her about the concept of citizenship and the miracle of peaceful exchanges of power.

It's gorgeous and unseasonably warm fall weather out and the buzz of election day is definitely in the air. I think Claire could sense the momentousness of everything and as we were walking in to the middle school where I was going to vote she stopped me and urgently asked: "Do I have chocolate milk on my face?" I said: "No, why? You want to look your best for this?" And she said: "Yes!"