Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Website Update

My guilelessly named site, danieljohnsonwrites.com, got some plastic surgery today. There's a new image stolen from my friend Mike's blog about his trip to Rome (the green stuff in the glass is Absinthe, I think), a new font, and a few pieces of new content.

Mostly this site is for my benefit - both the psychological perk of having all of the things I'm making in one place, and as an online resume of sorts that I can use to scare off potential employers who don't like pictures of Absinthe, poems about Salvia or mp3s of boy-on-puppet sex. But if you know anybody with time to kill - say, an invalid friend of yours - send them by.

1 comment:

Marie Lasferatu said...

Just read your Rilo Kiley review. Awesome. I hate them. They're coming back to the Theatre at the end of the month. It will be an even sadder show than when they had the cover of Spin. Suckas.