Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Broads in the Kitchen!

I have an article in the Metro Times this week about female chefs. I appreciated the chance to write something that wasn't, in any way, related to music. And it was a great learning experience. While I know just about all there is to know about women, professional kitchens were a total mystery to me until a few weeks ago. Now I'm all downloading Top Chef and shit.

Broads In The Kitchen!

P.S. I really have been watching cooking shows since finishing the article, which is easy to do because Kirst is kind of cooking-obsessed. I got a tip from one of the ladies I interviewed for the story who told me that, while the American version of Hell's Kitchen (FOX) is a tacky travesty, the UK version on the BBC is actually great. She was totally right. I watched both versions back to back this week and the differences couldn't be more stark. The American version is in poor taste from start to finish, it's loud, ugly, dim - what the chef I interviewed described as "shame TV." The British version is photographed beautifully, has tons of heart and actually motivates me. Chef Marco is pure badassery.

I've never been a fan of general comparisons, like Men vs. Women or US vs. Europe. But if this is what passes for reality TV in England I think my days in the states may be numbered.

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