Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Double Bubble Trouble Bear

I realized lately that there is a kind of madness going on around Claire's bedtime that nobody would believe if I tried to explain it. It's like, in the 10 minutes preceding lights out, the souls of her entire day care class leap into her little body to form one powerful, giggly toddler demon. Imagine The Excorcist if, instead of making her vomit pea soup and spin her head around, the devil made that girl prance about like a sparkle fairy and say the most unintentionally cute shit of all time.

So tonight I set out to prove it and brought a sound recorder into her bedroom to capture whatever happened. On the whole, she was subdued, almost as if she knew I was gathering evidence of her happiness and wanted to thwart me. But I did manage to snag some audio of us doing this little Abbott and Costello routine of ours.

I should explain. I used to call Claire my Bubble Bear when she was a lot younger. Then later, and I can't remember why, it became the basis of a taunt; this song I'd sing to her that goes, Claire bear's a bubble bear. A bubble, double trouble bear. Bubble trouble double bubble trouble bubble bubble bear. Only Claire's not one to take taunting lightly and so one day she flipped it on me. I won't say any more than that except that we can literally do this routine forever. It comes in handy in grocery stores and long lines.

The setup: Claire is being tucked in for the night and asks me to sing her a song.

Double Bubble Trouble Bear


Kirsten. said...

I love you guys. You can almost tell how awesome Team Johnson is by listening to this.

mike said...

she is relentless!

i can see how you cave with that sort of verbal onslaught.