Friday, March 7, 2008

The Rosetta Stone of Idiot Culture

When archaeologists dig up the chemically-poisoned remains of our civilization thousands of years from now, they're going to find a lot to be confused and disgusted by. Such as Ugg boots, professional wrestling paraphernalia, Detroit, and landfills of magazines dedicated to stalking and reporting on people who've become famous for no good reason. And if the internet survives in some type of artifact form, there will be no better example of our devolving culture than the guttural, profane and unintentionally hilarious douchebaggery that occurs daily on message boards and comments sections the Web over.

There are inexhaustible examples of this to choose from. But this, this might possibly be the Rosetta Stone. The greatest find of them all. It's a comments page from a bittorrent site - which hosts movies that people can easily download illegally. Remember, anyone uploading these files is doing it without permission. And everybody else, like duditz565, maxim66 and dikhead, are all getting something for nothing. You'd think there'd be a little modesty, possibly even thankfulness. And yet, observe how entitled and angry they are. How they devour each other, trading insults with the grammatical proficiency of grade schoolers and people with closed-head injuries.

I present to you: The Rosetta Stone of Idiot Culture


mike said...

I'm just wondering why YOU are on a torrent site looking for Meet the Spartans... this is a sad day, Johnson, a sad day indeed.

Oh and "i got a better idea, why dont you goin these nuts in your mouth you spaming whore"

Daniel said...

You picked a beauty of a quote.

Uh, this page was actually referred to me by my brother. My brothers and I have been trading really good examples of message board hate for a while now. So I guess I shouldn't take credit for finding this, cause I didn't.