Friday, February 29, 2008

Getting Ahead

Four reasons to feel good going into the weekend:

1. Daddy's All Better

The jungle rot is gone. Or at least, close to it. My left eye not only opens, it also sees. It's not 100%. There's still some blur. But the doc says I probably got lucky. Though that little infection I got can damage the eye permanently, he doesn't think that will be the case.

2. She's moving in.

After many frustrating months of looking for a job in Detroit, the search is over. Kirst was offered a reporter position on Wednesday for a small conglomerate of newspapers based out of Warren. Which means in three weeks, we'll officially be shacked up. Which means our relationship will no longer have a commute. Which means we're both going to feel spoiled very soon.

3. Fruition.

Some of my pet projects are starting to see the light of day. For starters, there's The Clapp, an electronic music project I started with my friend Andy. We've been doing several remixes this winter and the first one to come out dropped yesterday at RCRD

Sunday, I'm turning in a rough mix of the song "Hard Core," from a solo record I'm working on, to the Shifted Sound podcast. Shifted Sound is based out of Dallas, Texas and they were big supporters of Judah Johnson. We stopped in their studios on tour in '06 and performed for them. They sent me an email recently and asked if we had anything in the works that they could play for their special anniversary podcast and I told them about the solo record and they're all about it. So that will be fun for that to come out.

And lastly: About a year ago I decided to get "serious" about writing, or at least trying to get some freelance work published. After starting out at Real Detroit Weekly, and it going nowhere, and then writing for Detour for a bit, and it really going nowhere, I was introduced, through a friend, to an editor at the Metro Times. He (irrationally) decided to give me a shot and so my first is going to come out next week. It's a feature of the band Zoos of Berlin, who are going to be on the cover of their Blowout Music Festival issue, the biggest issue of the year. The story that emerged as I interviewed them is funny and inspiring and touching and I can't wait for people to tread it. Plus, I'm still at that stage where picking up the paper somewhere in town and seeing something I wrote in it feels cool.

4. Victory is mine.

I'm currently winning against all of my word wenches on Scrabulous, including Sarah, from D.C., whom I've never actually met and who is the wickedest, most ruthless Scrabble foe of all.

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