Friday, February 22, 2008


To understand this great moment in g-chat (Google-chat) history, I have to explain what was going on behind the scenes.

1. I was writing my blog's profile bio, and had decided to brag about some of the useless and totally uncool talents that I have, like parallel parking or Tetris. I'm not sure everybody gets that I'm being ironic when I do this, but to me, being raised in a family of jock dudes, talking trash about something like my perfect eyesight is pure comedy. So I was asking Kirsten to help me come up with examples.

2. Kirst and I were in the middle of playing a game of Scrabulous, the Facebook online Scrabble application. We're pretty much obsessed with this game and do it non-stop, all-day, during work. What I didn't know, what I couldn't possibly know, was that Kirsten had just laid down a 72-POINT WORD that was going to completely sink my battleship, and she was anxious for me to take my turn so she could gloat.

3. If you don't get my sense of humor in my replies, you're just not getting it.

me: what are some things that i am strangely, freakishly good at?
like parallel parking for instance?

Kirsten: you're up.

me: really stupid things like that
like tetris. sudoku.

Kirsten: sexing me up?

me: yeah, but that's a cool thing, that i'm hot shit in bed. i'm looking for something totally stupid.

Kirsten: you hear a song and you instantly can play it on the piano

me: no, that's cool too, that i'm a rock star

Kirsten: making whiskey-sodas.

me: NO!
whiskey drinking is bad ass

Kirsten: talking in voices

me: wha?

Kirsten: farting
the stinkiest farts ever

that's not a skill
that's an illness

Kirsten: going. because it's your turn on scrabulous.

me: c'mon. really.

Kirsten: no, but it's really your turn.

me: i'm asking you a serious question
what the hell!

Kirsten: ha ha ha

me: ha ha ha ha

Kirsten: ha ha ha ha ha

me: i am laughing out loud right now

Kirsten: me too

me: i'm LOLing

Kirsten: ew

me: but seriously
name some

Kirsten: no really

me: you whore! [This is me finally looking at the Scrabulous board and realizing I'm doomed.]

Kirsten: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

me: that's why you wanted me to go

Kirsten: I'm laughing so hard right now and trying to hold it in.

me: what have i done!

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