Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School of Rock

I have a piece in this week's Metro Times about the School of Rock, which is an actual institute much like the one in the movie with Jack Black (this one is part of a franchise, and Black's character is said to be based on the founder of it).

It's the longest thing I've written for them. In fact, I actually turned it in at twice the assigned length, feeling that it just kind of wanted to be a certain kind of story and hoping the music editor would agree and not fire me. It's also the first time that I've done the photography for one of my stories.

Check it.


Marie Lasferatu said...

Excellent. It would be amusing if guys like my brother could go in there and teach kids some Despised Icon or Meshuggah. They could totally get away with metal of that nature because you have no idea what the HELL they are singing, but children could walk away with a sense of rebellion and skills similar to a jazz musician.

Great piece though. I hope you get more long ones like that.

Scotter said...

This is great, Daniel. Nice work. I love the image of you helping the drummer with his earplugs. Endearing and very memorable.