Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Real Talk of Love

The setup: Kirsten loved herself some hair metal back in the day and secretly – well, more like not-so-secretly – still does. There was a moment this weekend when she grabbed her jean jacket and gasped, thinking for an instant that her precious Motley Crue pin had fallen off it. "Crue!" was all she could say. Luckily the pin was still attached. That's when I pulled her close...

Me: Man, you love butt rock. You love it. Would you love me more if I could sing like Brett Michaels?

Kirsten: That's not possible.

[A few seconds of gazing into each other's eyes.]

Kirsten: You could never sing like Brett Michaels.


Kirsten said...

You do know that Bret Michaels wasn't in Motley Crue, right?

(And it's Bret with one T, by the way)

Marie Lasferatu said...


christopher said...

in order to sing like bret michaels you must: wear a wig, bandanna and purse your lips (like a colossal douchebag).

p.s. when are you coming over to watch the rock of love season 1 marathon. so many brain cells will be lost.