Monday, January 25, 2010

The Professor

This morning on the way to school, Claire asks me why it's raining in winter.

Me: Do you know about the difference between water and ice?

Claire: No. [Scrunches up her face in concentration.]

Me: Okay, well, both rain and snow are just water that's falling down from really high up, in the clouds.

Claire: [Scrunches up her face a little tighter.]

Me: You see, water and ice are both the same thing, water. Water freezes into ice if it gets cold enough. That's why a lake or a pond in the winter can turn into ice if it gets cold enough. Or if I put a glass of water in the freezer at home, it'll turn into ice because the freezer is very cold.

Claire: [Scrunches up her face so much it looks like it hurts.]

Me: So when rain is falling down from the clouds, if the air is cold enough that rain will freeze on the way down and turn into part ice, and that's what makes snow.

Claire: [Her face is now so contorted her eyes are slits and her teeth are fully bared, like she's making Scary Tiger face.]

Me: Does that make sense?

Claire: Yes.

Me: Then why are you making that face?

Claire: Because you farted.

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Joy said...

Hahaha! Thanks for the laugh Dan, I needed that! :D