Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 In Pictures

I rang in the new year playing keyboards with Millions of Brazilians at the Belmont.

And played my first solo set ever. I was pretty nervous about it but it went okay.

In January I went to New York to work on pre-production for a record my friend was recording and producing. Almost immediately Zozzy showed up and roped me into the Esquire issue launch party where Anthony Hamilton was the guest performer. I was just starting to get into Hamilton so the timing was hot.


Karaoke is increasingly becoming a part of my life. Willy Nelson seems to be working.

Cranbrook science museum.

I shave cats.

Dimple monster.

Among the numerous ways my life keeps getting more luxurious is the fact that I fell in love with a cook. A vegetarian cook. Who loves to cook for me.


Living conditions at the Royal Oak house started to deteriorate in the new year. The construction site that erupted outside of our window was at least good for entertaining kids. Here's Claire and her cousin Cole playing on a tractor that had been parked for the night. Cole wears firehats and cowboy hats on the reg the way I wear gold teeth and women's underwear: like it's the most natural thing in the world.

Gusoline Alley. Killed it.

Glamour shots. All promo picks are best served with a little male nipple.

Cover of "Bulbz," my covers EP. Photo shoots in a tanning booth are surprisingly uncomfortable.

In a year of many firsts, Claire's first sleep-over, with Iris and cousin Sepporah.

Finally escaped the horror and moved into a new house. Housewarming party with Megan, Amy, Scott (another lucky bastard who conned an out-of-state babe [Amy] into shacking up with him) and Zozzy, who is seconds from failing in a blaze of vomit.

Claire's last day of school.

That's my Jeep behind Claire here. :(
Thieved by thieving thieves.

Six years old.


From Trevor's amazing artwork for "Lazrus," which finally came out.

This is what is known between Kirst, Claire and I as "the face." It's the non-smile given to me tens of times a day which is meant to indicate that I'm a pretty funny guy who is nevertheless not to be enouraged.

Dance recital.

In Pentwater for Holly and Jamberry's wedding. In the poorest year in either of our adult lives, it was as close as we got to a vacation.

Biking in Pentwater.

A sport we can all agree on.

A visit to my childhood home, in the Ruins. This house was still looking OK but the block was fucked up, half the houses were boarded up or charred. Many of the trees in these Detroit neighborhoods have been cut down from the berms, leaving just the stumps and the houses to bake in the sun. That can't be good for city morale.

Our camping trip got rained out so we had a staycation that really hit the spot. Monica and Trevor crashed the party one night for games and Indian food.

La Femme Monkita killed the craft festivals and fairs this year.

Kirsten's mothering of Claire is so beautiful it would make me uncomfortable to try and describe it. Here's them on a lunch date.


My cousin Sarah got married in Springfield, the city I went to college in. We had just got a new camera.

I pretty much laughed the entire time I was around my old crew. Jay was telling a story here.

My old gang. Brian, first guy on the left, was the original guitarist in Judah Johnson. Jay, center, used to sit in on drums for my old Springfield bands (he is a beast). Jason on the right got me started on home recording and recorded and produced all of our demos back then. Super talented people.

Dinner in scenic, glorious downtown Springfield.

I looooooove this shot of Claire. That's her. That's what she's all about.

This is also what she's all about.

The men in the family. Brother Chris, me, uncle Scott, cousin Richard, cousin Ryan, brother Matt.

At some point during the evening the fathers were dancing with the daughters....

...and Kirsten was smart enough to get a shot of it.

This is my favorite shot of Kirsten.

Puppy pile.

I am not, nor have I ever been, afraid of pink.

First tooth away.

Still from Danny Demagio's video for "Goodbye Silhouette."

Guidos. At my 33rd birthday party.

Easily my favorite pic of Kirsten ever.


Cider. Orchard. Donuts. Yum.

Palma weds Barbus. Chicago wedding.

Makeshift bachelor party.

I serenaded Rodrigo with Bonnie Raitt.

The sign behind Rodrigo's head is a command: GET DOWN.

Favorite pic of Kirsten, off all time.

I don't get to see enough of this guy. The honorable Judge Charles Koltak.

2009 was the year Kirst left her job as a roving reporter to nanny for her sister's family. She is a professional lover of these two boys, Lucas and Anthony. Sometimes on nights and weekends I catch her looking at pics and videos of them on her laptop because she can't get enough of them.

Gorillaz in the Nist. A Nistorical occassion. Nistory in the making. Nists of fury. I'm very proud of Steven.

Megan moved, but I think I see her more now than I did when she lived here.

Somebody should have gotten me a comb for Christmas.

Smiling at getting books. That's my girl. She's reading like a champ now. This was the year of reading Claire. Wakes up reading, reads at night, sometimes even in lieu of cartoons. It's unreal.

Claire and Kirsten are competing for the Most Thoughtful Person in the Universe award. Here Claire is shown giving Kirsten a cookbook that she made in school.

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