Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Wedding of James and Jill

James Kenlar has been a friend of mine from a distance for almost ten years. He lives in Chicago and co-runs the independent label Flameshovel Records, which put out Judah Johnson's three releases. But James was always more to me than just a part of my music life. He has a weary kindness that always made me feel accepted and loved. I've always respected him and wanted the best for him. So I was happy (and surprised) to see on Facebook that he just got married. I didn't even know he was engaged, and I've never met the bride.

A photographer friend of James named Jeremy Lawsom posted his photos from the wedding. They made me feel good. Good for James, good for everybody. Good for love. You can feel the love bursting from these photos. They made me feel that winter is warm. I like the way that wedding in these photographs is a celebration of their life itself, its parking structures, its diners - not a ceremony in some sterile facility as if their vows were an event removed from their world.

Jeremy gave me permission to post some of his pics here. Check out his photography site.


Marie Lasferatu said...

Now THAT'S how it's done! If I'm ever forced at gunpoint to go through with a wedding ceremony, I hope it looks that cool on film.

jarred said...

those are the best wedding photos i've ever seen!