Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Images From the Dawning of Two-Thousand-Great (Part 1: Christmas)

I visited family in Ohio. My brother Matt has a new baby boy named Titus. He looks fake, doesn't he? My brother Chris has a new girlfriend named Jessica, another blond in a sea of Johnson blonds. I never thought of the Johnson family as a blond family, but the evidence is inescapable. That reminds me, I called my grandpa on Christmas and at one point I asked him who the black sheep of the family was, joking. He said there weren't any. Then thought for a second and said, "Maybe a few gray sheep." I am the brunette sheep.

Had Christmas at my place. The Bear got a bike. She loved it. But with Spring being several months away, I'm afraid all I did was create a colossal tease for her.

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