Friday, March 24, 2006

Shocking Devlopment

I work as an editor. And I listen to music on headphones while I'm working. The work I get comes in plastic bags. If I pull the job out of the bag while my headphones are on, an electric current is created that shocks my ears and brain and singes my nose hairs. It really hurts. Yet I keep doing it and there's no indication I'm every going to stop. So here's what I'm thinking. As long as I'm shocking myself, is it possible I could get something positive out of this? As in: do it yourself electroshock therapy. For instance, if I was a smoker trying to quit, I could think of a cigarette before I pull the job out of the bag, take the shock, wipe the blood from my nose, and go back to work. Eventually, I'd quit smoking. The thing is, I already eat pretty good and I don't smoke. So I'm trying to think of things to quit.
I also wonder if it would work with memories. If I could shock things or people I don't want to remember from my consciousness.

Working on it.

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