Thursday, February 2, 2006

Without Warning

Strange experience last night, playing with Charlie Koltak again after not having done so for years. I played a guitar! I said "I wrote this the other day", he listened, and then said "how about this" and we launched into the hot shit. There wasn't any rust. A little nostalgia, but mostly we just did what we do best together.
Over 5 years ago we started a band together in that little padded cell in my basement. In a month, at the blowout, we'll play as Daniel and the Black Pianos. With Judah and Elanors being such serious endevours and being Illinois based, I need something local and loose, so I'm creating the Black Pianos. Charlie is the first person I asked. At this point I'm so in love with music, after music and I had our love tested, that I'm trying to see how much I can make under how many incarnations. I'm going to stay in my basement for a while and just record new songs. There'll be time in the spring for actually being with people. But for now, I need my solitude back.

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